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I´ve been working with my 13“ MacBook Pro for almost 7 years now, so I knew that I had to change something this year. The thing that I didn´t want to change was the operating system, so I had to stick to Mac Os. In the beginning of my research I was quite sure that I would like to have the newest MacBook Pro 15″ modell from 2016 with the 4GB graphic card. So I went into an Apple Store and took a closer look at it but it didn´t convince me at all. The new touchbar, the super huge trackpad, the new keyboard and of course: the missing connections. It just wouldn´t felt right to spend almost 3000€ for a MacBook Pro which wasn´t a Pro at all. So I started to do a research on the Pro Modell from 2015. After talking to some people and reading some comments in the internet, I was pretty sure that the MacBook Pro 15“ from 2015 with a 2GB graphic card would fulfill my expectations. So I bought it used for almost half the price of the current MacBook Pro. Having it now for almost two weeks I have to say that it´s doing a great job so far. Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and Lightroom are running smooth and I can still use my old work setup without buying new adapters for almost 150€. I really hope that Apple will do a better job on the upcoming MacBook Pro´s.

goodbye Berlin…


…at least for the next five weeks.
Tomorrow I´ll fly to Bangkok and from there I want to explore the northern and southern part of Thailand. It´s my first time in Thailand and Asia in general, so I´m pretty excited.
Due to the fact that I´ve done a lot of video work in the last years, I want to use my upcoming trip for taking photography more serious again. Therefore I´ve set myself a goal: I want to take one portrait of a random person every day of my travel. Let´s see if I can accomplish my challenge. I´ll keep you updated.

See you in spring.
// Martin

Downfall Of Gaia

I did a musicvideo for the Band „Downfall Of Gaia“ back in October. It was released three weeks ago. You can watch it here:



I´m building my own homepage at the moment so I have to run through to a lot of old and recent photographs and I found these double exposures from my final bachelor project. They didn´t make it into the final selection but I kinda like them. And I really miss Anholt.









cheers // Martin

comforting solitude.


borrowed times.





six feet difference.

six feet difference

Six feet difference between the days we spent
and the way we wish things could have been.

(Sinking Ships – The Days You´ve Come To Far)







Seit nunmehr vier Monaten wohne und arbeite ich jetzt in Berlin und absolviere ein Praktikum bei der Multimedia Firma 2470 GmbH. Von Anfang an wurde ich als vollwertiges Mitglied aufgenommen und arbeitete bisher hauptsächlich an verschiedenen Corporate Produktionen mit.
Im Rahmen der letzten Workshop Themenrecherche stieß ich auf Adolfo Assor und sein Ein-Mann Theater. Von Anfang an war ich Feuer und Flamme für diese Geschichte. Zusammen mit den Workshop Teilnehmern Anika Kempf und Pia Volk ist folgender Film entstanden.

Ein Besuch im Garn Theater kann ich jedem nur ans Herz legen der mal das etwas andere Theater kennenlernen will.

cheers // Martin

Sidsel Ben Semmane

Vor drei Wochen hatte ich ein Promoshooting mit Sidsel Ben Semmane, der jüngsten dänischen Grand Prix Teilnehmerin, für ihre kommende EP „Break It“. Hier ein paar Ausschnitte.

Sidsel Ben Semmane_01



Sidsel Ben Semmane_02




Sidsel Ben Semmane_03




Sidsel Ben Semmane_04





Sidsel Ben Semmane_05

Einen musikalischen Eindruck gibts hier:

cheers // Martin