my new buddy

I´ve been working with my 13“ MacBook Pro for almost 7 years now, so I knew that I had to change something this year. The thing that I didn´t want to change was the operating system, so I had to stick to Mac Os. In the beginning of my research I was quite sure that I would like to have the newest MacBook Pro 15″ modell from 2016 with the 4GB graphic card. So I went into an Apple Store and took a closer look at it but it didn´t convince me at all. The new touchbar, the super huge trackpad, the new keyboard and of course: the missing connections. It just wouldn´t felt right to spend almost 3000€ for a MacBook Pro which wasn´t a Pro at all. So I started to do a research on the Pro Modell from 2015. After talking to some people and reading some comments in the internet, I was pretty sure that the MacBook Pro 15“ from 2015 with a 2GB graphic card would fulfill my expectations. So I bought it used for almost half the price of the current MacBook Pro. Having it now for almost two weeks I have to say that it´s doing a great job so far. Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and Lightroom are running smooth and I can still use my old work setup without buying new adapters for almost 150€. I really hope that Apple will do a better job on the upcoming MacBook Pro´s.

goodbye Berlin…


…at least for the next five weeks.
Tomorrow I´ll fly to Bangkok and from there I want to explore the northern and southern part of Thailand. It´s my first time in Thailand and Asia in general, so I´m pretty excited.
Due to the fact that I´ve done a lot of video work in the last years, I want to use my upcoming trip for taking photography more serious again. Therefore I´ve set myself a goal: I want to take one portrait of a random person every day of my travel. Let´s see if I can accomplish my challenge. I´ll keep you updated.

See you in spring.
// Martin

Downfall Of Gaia

I did a musicvideo for the Band „Downfall Of Gaia“ back in October. It was released three weeks ago. You can watch it here:



I´m building my own homepage at the moment so I have to run through to a lot of old and recent photographs and I found these double exposures from my final bachelor project. They didn´t make it into the final selection but I kinda like them. And I really miss Anholt.









cheers // Martin

comforting solitude.


borrowed times.





six feet difference.

six feet difference

Six feet difference between the days we spent
and the way we wish things could have been.

(Sinking Ships – The Days You´ve Come To Far)